Recognizing, valuing, and protecting the biological capital of the Earth as
humanity’s most critical asset

What is at stake?

What is the One-Planet Alliance?

How can my country benefit?

Humanity’s quality of life—survival even—is dependent on the biological resources that our planet provides. Clear signs that our planet’s biological capital is being compromised are everywhere, wreaking havoc on human communities and weakening economies. Conversely, putting biological capital at the center of any political or economic decision-making is the minimum threshold required in order to give humanity a chance at a sustainable and prosperous future. MORE

Managing the biological capital of the Earth requires solid data to rigorously measure how much natural resources humanity uses and how much natural ecosystems can regenerate. Such accounting is provided through the National Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts thanks to the Ecological Footprint Initiative. It is the role and the responsibility of the One-Planet Alliance, a council of nations with a shared vision in addressing natural resource security, to oversee, sustain, and grow the Ecological Footprint Initiative around the world. MORE

Long-term natural resources security is of high strategic relevance to any national economy, as banking behemoth HSBC recently highlighted. The data provided through National Footprint Accounts helps decision-makers identify pressure points, economic challenges, and risky trends. It also makes it possible to develop informed forecast analysis for each country and the world, as virtually no country operates independently from its trade partners and competitors. MORE