One Planet Alliance

An Alliance of countries safeguarding their biocapacity


Biocapacity is the most basic “currency” we have. It is essential for every human activity. Massive overuse has made our planet’s biocapacity the most critical resource for every economy. Yet those resources are being spent as if they were unlimited.


We recognize Earth’s biological capital as humanity’s most critical asset. Therefore, we track and help protect these assets.


We recognize, value, and protect the biological capital of the Earth as humanity’s most critical asset.

One-Planet Alliance members stand together to safeguard biocapacity by:

Supporting robust resource accounts that track demands placed on biocapacity around the world.

Strengthening countries’ resource security by augmenting their biocapacity reserve.

Widen the understanding of how vital biocapacity is to our economies and human well-being.

Currently humanity uses the planet’s biological resources 75% faster than the Earth can regenerate them – it is like using 1.75 Earths.

What is at stake

Humanity’s quality of life—survival even—is dependent on the biological resources that our planet constantly renews. But humanity has started to demand too much. This persistent overshoot has led to huge declines in biodiversity, heightened competition for food and energy, and excess greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The latter have led to ever more prominent heat waves, forest fires, droughts, and floods.

The role of the One-Planet Alliance

Managing the biological capital requires solid data to rigorously measure how fast humanity in every country uses biocapacity and how much can be regenerated.
The role of the members is to ensure the existence of a monitoring system, find opportunities to bring more economic value to biocapacity, and support their members in strengthening their resource security.

Membership in the One-Planet Alliance

Countries with biocapacity reserves, i.e., biocapacity larger than their consumption Footprint, are eligible to become full members of the One-Planet Alliance.